MBKG Application

Application Guideline

This application is consisted of 4 parts of information as followed;
1 )    Borrower
2 )    Address
3 )    Collateral
4 )    Document(s) upload

For your benefit, kindly provide and complete all information required on the application web pages (All fields marked with an * are required). Carefully follow the instructions, prepare and upload document(s). Please check list of required document(s)

Declaration and authorization

Applicant(s) of "Online Application" acknowledge and agree that
1 )    Applying for the service or providing any information through "Online Application" is confirmation that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions specified on our website and shown that you accept and intend to apply for a loan with the company (MBK Guarantee Co., Ltd. "Company") or MBKG).
2 )    By accessing and using "Online Application", it shall be deemed that you accept to reveal your information to the company and the information ​provided via this form will be considered as the company's asset and the company has the right to use this information to meet the objectives, concepts and methods that are appropriate and beneficial to the company.
3 )    All texts and contents on the Company's website include terms and conditions and details on that website may be changed at the discretion of the Company without prior notice.
4 )    Let’s the Company and companies in MBK Group and Business Alliances contact to inquire about my information, such as domicile, legal dispute(s), bankruptcy record, legal enforcement and criminal history (if any) from any persons or other sources
5 )    Comply with all company rules and regulations and agree to pay interest, fees, duty stamps, property insurance premium and various expenses (if any) in accordance with the regulations and/or the Company’s announcements both of which are now and/or will continue in the future and acknowledge both terms and conditions of the loan which I agree to be responsible for paying the debt incurred under this credit application to the Company
6 )    The Company does not have policy in allowing employees, contractors, and adherents of the Company to solicit or receive money, gifts, or any other from you or your related parties, including to execute or pursue any action that may be deemed as bribery


The Company refuses to accept any damages incurred between applying for loan approval request via "Online Application" and the Company shall not be held responsible for any cause at all.

Consent of collect use and disclose Personal Data

I allow MBK Guarantee co., Ltd. (the "Company") and companies in MBK Group (collectively referred as "MBK Group") to collect, use and disclose my personal data to MBK Group and its Business Alliances for the following purposes:
•   Analyze my preferences and interests
•   Communicate and provide information to me on privileges, sale promotions, advertising, and marketing activities. The personal data which is collected, used, and disclosed; processing method; personal data security regime; personal data collecting period; consent cancellation; rights of the data subject; definition of "Company", "MBK Group" "Business Alliances", and other defined terms are provided in the Privacy Policy of the Company.